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The SIRT Training Pistol

The non-firing best friend of ANY firearm trainer!

Firearm training is an essential part of responsible gun ownership, law enforcement, and military service. As a civilian you are held to a similar standard, but outside the same scope as those within a "profession." Unlike those 'on the job' uses, where it comes with an understanding of the risks, as well as backup nets such as qualified immunity - you get none of these.

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a beginner looking to improve your skills, the Shot Indicating Reset Trigger Pistol - or SIRT - is a valuable tool that can help you refine your marksmanship in a safe and controlled environment.

In this post, we will explore the benefits of using the SIRT trainer and how it can assist in honing your shooting skills.

I picked one up over the summer, since I had seen them used in other training classes I have taken, but never really bought into the hype since I had a pistol I carried normally (and it actually chambered a laser cartridge, so why bother with an additional training aid, right?)

But, that being said - this thing has been a delight to work with and I will hopefully expand on my several months of using it personally and in classes to help spur folks into thinking of picking one up themselves.

What is the SIRT Training Pistol?

The SIRT Training Pistol is a non-lethal and non-firing training firearm designed to replicate the look and feel of real handguns (primarily Glocks, but have expanded their range to also include SIG and Smith & Wesson versions.)

It's engineered with features that make it an excellent choice for firearms training and instruction.


Key Features of the SIRT Pistol

  1. Shot Indication: One of the most valuable features of the SIRT is its ability to provide immediate visual feedback. It includes a laser built into the barrel that emits a visible beam when the trigger is pulled. This red or green laser, depending on your version, allows you to see precisely where your shots would have landed if the firearm were loaded with live ammunition. The real-time feedback is incredibly helpful for identifying and correcting aiming and accuracy issues.

  2. Resetting Trigger: The SIRT Pistol replicates the feel and function of a real firearm's trigger. After each "shot," the trigger resets, giving you a realistic trigger pull experience. This feature helps you practice trigger control, improve your follow-through, and build muscle memory, which are all essential components of accurate shooting.

  3. Magazine Compatibility: Many SIRTs are designed to be compatible with actual firearm magazines. This feature enables you to practice reloading and malfunction drills, making it a versatile tool for comprehensive firearms training.

  4. Safety: The SIRT Training Pistol is incapable of firing live ammunition, ensuring a safe training environment. This feature is particularly important for beginners and those who need to practice in controlled settings. It allows you to focus on your technique and accuracy without the risks associated with live rounds.

How to Use the SIRT Training Pistol for Skill Improvement

  1. Aiming and Accuracy: The laser shot indication feature of the SIRT Training Pistol is invaluable for honing your aiming and accuracy. You can practice your sight alignment and sight picture, working on keeping the laser on target with each trigger pull.

  2. Trigger Control: The resetting trigger mimics the pull of a real firearm, enabling you to practice smooth and controlled trigger squeezes. It gives an audible click when the reset happens, so it helps you easily find where to stop in the reset travel so you don't end up slapping the trigger. This is essential for reducing flinching, maintaining accuracy and .

  3. Proxemics / Administrative Handling: While the SIRT Training Pistol is pistol-shaped, it cannot chamber a live round - and so cannot fire a live round. This makes it an ideal piece of equipment for learning how to navigate around your home without the risk of a negligent discharge.

  4. Reloading and Malfunction Drills: The magazine compatibility feature allows you to practice essential skills such as magazine changes and clearing malfunctions, which are vital for firearm users, especially in self-defense or tactical situations.


The SIRT Training Pistol is an exceptional tool for individuals seeking to improve their marksmanship and handling skills. With features like visible shot indication, noticeable trigger reset, magazine compatibility, and an unwavering focus on safety, it provides a comprehensive platform for effective training. By incorporating the SIRT Training Pistol into your dry-fire training, you can build confidence, accuracy, and muscle memory in a controlled and risk-free environment ultimately becoming a more proficient and responsible firearm owner.

Remember to complement your SIRT practice with professional training and safety awareness for a well-rounded firearms training session.

If you want to pick one up for yourself; be sure to get one HERE.

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