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My Deepest Condolences

Jim Fleming, Passed Nov. 2021. He will be missed.

I am deeply saddened at the passing of a great man and advocate for the 2A community; Jim Fleming of Monticello, MN. Previously head of Fleming Law Offices he was an attorney who was well versed in firearm law for over 30 years.


I was fortunate enough to take a handful of classes from him, as well as retained him as my legal counsel. He was on the advisory board for the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network along with names such as John Farnam, Tom Givens, and Dennis Teuller.


He was the perfect combination in a lawyer going to bat for your self-defense claim; He was a beat cop, a firearms instructor and a practitioner of law.


There was no better way to get that amount of knowledge into someone like that.


My deepest condolences to his wife, Lynne, and the rest of his family.


I will recommend his book Aftermath: Lessons in Self Defense as a light read, as well as link an article he did for the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

Rest in Peace

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