I have personally dealt with these products / services in one form or fashion while furthering my firearm education to the students and would not offer them here if I didn't think they were worth your time or money.

These merchants know the best marketing is word of mouth, and I will gladly speak highly of each one.

**In case you were not aware Victory Arms, LLC would be paid a small commission should you decide to purchase anything from these links. As stated above; these companies have all either supplied product for review, had products purchased by me in the past or I have directly interacted with representatives from these companies in regard to their products / services.

Said reviews will eventually end up on a blog or direct write-up, in future material promotions or used in hosted course material. I don't believe in wasting your time with things like crappy holsters or shoddy customer service to make a quick dollar - I strive to break past most folks' perception of "Just the guy you see when you need a new gun or need a course to tick a box on a permit renewal." that you can find literally anywhere on the internet.

I work hard to build trust and respect with customers and fellow businesses alike and wouldn't throw it out for chump change. If you feel that is misleading, contact me.

Aero Precision Lower


Aero Precision is an industry leading manufacturer of quality AR15 & AR10 parts and accessories. Their expertise is upper and lower receivers, but they also manufacture and sell complete rifles, handguards, barrels, scope mounts, spare parts and more. Their roots are in the aerospace industry and that shows through superior engineering and manufacturing that is second to none.

Alien Gear Holsters 20% Off Deals


Alien Gear is one of the leading manufacturers and innovators in the firearms community, making some of the most comfortable hybrid holsters on the market. They believe in manufacturing quality holsters built for comfort and concealment. "Forever Warranty" and 30-Day test drive available for most products!

Brownells Logo


Brownells is THE world's largest supplier of firearms accessories, gun parts & gunsmithing tools that offers more than 45,000 products from all of the top brands in the industry. This is where I go to get most of my gunsmithing tools.

Crimson Trace Lights, Lasers and Optics


Crimson Trace has been a leader in optics for Responsible Firearm Owners and professionals alike for nearly 25 years. As an undisputed industry leader in mounted laser sights, tactical laser sights, and scopes Crimson Trace is here to elevate confidence in all the moments that matter.


Gun Skins

GunSkins offers a solution for firearm and gear protection that is easy to install and remove; premium vinyl wraps that are DIY.

Their kits add a layer of protection to your gun as well as the benefits of camouflage. Easily applied with a heat gun


Global Ordnanace

Global Ordnance LLC has spent years building relationships with global manufacturers and distributors for military/LEO contracts.  Global Ordnance's understanding of customer needs within the defense industry has served very well in the civilian marketplace.

They have decently priced ammunition and gear for the recreational and competitive shooter alike.