Shooting Target


Critical Thought

“Once you hear the details of victory, it is hard to distinguish it from a defeat.” ―Jean-Paul Sartre

Take time to further your education and understand just what the stakes are when it comes to defending home and family.

Surviving the attack is only one aspect; Learning how to best avoid the potential outcomes and best prep for them is much more rewarding (and safe).

Hey Folks...

As much as I love meeting new people and receiving cool firearms in the mail, I would very much like to speak to you prior to having things delivered; I had a customer find out the hard way that MN has silly laws that prohibit me from selling certain firearms without myself committing a crime.

I am not against transfers (nor am I going to get into the semantics of said laws and how they are arbitrarily enforced) - actually I like helping folks find the right stuff at a great price, but it's better to ask questions and verify everything prior to so I can make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible (for both our sakes).

Feel free to CONTACT ME for any questions, concerns, or potential purchases.

Online Programs?

While the in-person courses provide me a little more ability to interact and give visuals, the online presentations provide flexibility in scheduling and will most likely allow me to provide the same services at a lower cost to you.

Current release schedule:

End of November 22 - "How to Gauge a Threat"

End of December 22 - "Training and You - How to Maximize Your Efforts"

Q1 2023 - "Victory Arms Permit to Carry"

Also working on a "Drill of the Month" style presentation as well to post on social media, so be sure to follow there to take advantage.