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This is Victory Arms, LLC

Your First (And Best) Training Stop On The Road To Becoming Responsibly Armed!

There are at least 500 Minnesota BCA-registered entities currently that can offer you a class when it comes to getting a Permit to Carry - join me on your educational and training path and find out why Victory Arms is rated highly in terms of quality information you need to make the best decisions in keeping you and yours safe.

Just remember:

  1. You don't know what you don't know.
    (You can only work with the information you have right now; you can't conjure knowledge from thin air.)


  2. Those "Unknown Unknowns" can be potentially life threatening.
    (Unlike a "Known Unknown" such as bad weather potentially cancelling your holiday flight, you can't actively prepare for how to best deal with what you don't know. And we aren't just talking about a violent attacker; honestly any misstep on your part could potentially land you in jail!)

  3. You don't want to approach your personal safety as a "Known Unknown."
    (You understand that bad things happen, you understand that many factors in your life personally will affect exactly how much you are at risk - but actively choose not to engage with applying any sort of preemptive or preventative measures.)

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Robert P.

My partner and I took the carry course in person and had a great experience! All of our questions were clearly answered, and I left the course feeling confident that I understood the basics of Minnesota firearm law as it pertained to me. My partner is a newbie with firearms, and Jordan essentially taught her the fundamentals of how to shoot while at the firing range.
Overall, an awesome value, and I highly recommend it.

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