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Shooting Target


Critical Thought

“Once you hear the details of victory, it is hard to distinguish it from a defeat.” ―Jean-Paul Sartre

Take time to further your education and understand just what the stakes are when it comes to defending home and family.

Surviving the attack is only one aspect; Learning how to best avoid the potential outcomes and best prep for them is much more rewarding (and safe).


2023 Pending Schedule

Permit to Carry classes are up for the first half of the year!

As things progress further along, more courses will be listed and available.

Make sure to check them out in the CLASSES tab.







Shop Site is now active and open for business! Check it out!


Now I can provide the best prices without the rigamarole of extra steps!

*I had a customer early in my FFL career find out the hard way that MN has silly laws that prohibit me from selling certain firearms without myself committing a crime. With this new software, I should be able to intercept any orders with firearms/equipment that cannot be sold in MN and contact you about your purchase prior to fulfillment so you don't lose out on restocking fees and double charges for shipping.

A link will also be provided in the header under "Shop"

Feel free to CONTACT ME for any questions, concerns, or potential purchases.

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