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Beginning Thoughts

So begins a chronicle of my thoughts, experiences, education, opinions, etc.

Hello Reader,

I wanted to find a good way to spread the information that I have accumulated over the years of being a firearms instructor, without trying to figure out the finer points of say YouTube and I am by no means a social media expert so here we are. I promise not all of these are going to be dry bowls of word salad, but I figured I would start with an introduction.



My name is Jordan and I have been teaching Permit to Carry courses for about a decade. I have a varied background in civilian-centered courses. I started with a few NRA courses in the early 2000s, worked my way around for a while with other various outlets, took the USCCA courses, and have been adding to the stack of certificates every chance I get. I have done hundreds of classes and seen thousands of faces. Some twice.

(It is always neat to have folks come and say "Hey, I remembered you and your class and decided to come back because I really enjoyed your presentation or how much information you gave.)

It is a passion to educate folks on what a Responsibly Armed American should be; nothing political, no posturing, no gatekeeping, keeping things affordable and accessible to all.

I have an affinity for old-world Soviet firearms; simply (relatively) constructed, straightforward, and the wood furniture is always a nice touch.

I will admit I have recently started rejecting tradition and embracing modernity with firearms like the G43 and the Hellcat, but I will always have a special place for the simple aesthetic of Bakelite (delicious formaldehyde and phenol).

I have taken several courses in being a gunsmith, so I know my way around a workbench. I haven't really had an outlet for those skills due to Gunsmith being a regulated job by the ATF.

So, recently I endeavored to get an FFL; By the time I had finalized everything, Covid hit, and all those easy plans went right out the back door.

All that college-like going through and highlighting important info was at least good practice.

The process was easy enough as a lot of the things you learn as an Instructor apply to the actual sale/transfer of a firearm. Not to mention all the paperwork. Paperwork comes part and parcel with both jobs.

And now, at the tail end of 2020, I have my own business, Victory Arms LLC. I am excited to bring all my knowledge and experience to folks who are willing to learn. Setting out on my own is a bit daunting, but I have confidence this is the correct thing to do. All my own course material, all my own processes and practices. None of the "I'm gonna just read out of this here book verbatim and give little to no context."


That is a very abridged version of things, and I will definitely write about my experiences as a student and instructor in hopes folks will take bits and pieces for themselves. J.

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