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Pistols 101




4 courses over 1 Week


About the Course

Built with neuroscience (how your brain takes in, processes and stores info) in mind - this course is the beginning steps on the road to responsible ownership. Taking the problem of how current firearm training is built, and fixing it with the end goal of the "tactical mindset" ultimately in mind.

You are practicing for an event that may, or may not ever happen.

With this concept we drive home the important skills and methods that build up the foundations of handgun management and solidify those basics that can be built upon in later coursework. - Think of it like the foundation to your home; we are going to prep the ground for the foundation work, pour the concrete and level it out, let it cure, and then polish it to a nice and comfortable finish.

This course focuses on the basics; what a pistol is, how it works, and how to handle it.

Your Instructor

J. Billings

J. Billings

The beginning on the road to responsible ownership; designed with neuroscience to solve the problem of current training programs and "chunking" a months worth of info into a handful of hours...

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